Clear Concept V application

Clear Concept V application


Master CSS Clear Concept V double density mineral solids reinforced with a base of unique Lithium silicate and Micro Crystal Quartz formulation designed to effectively strengthen and shine on Most calcium based and agglomerate Quartz applicable surfaces.

It restores and enhances to a high gloss, it gives an added chemical resistance and preservation properties thus increasing surface traffic and contamination resistance.

Designed for interior and exterior uses, with anti-slippery properties.


Recommended for use on:

  • Effective on Soft Marble and Limestone
  • Porcelain and Homogenous Tiles
  • Cementitious surface • Sandstones
  • Other Agglomerate Stones


Initial treatment approximately:

  • 500-600 sq. ft. (45-55 m2) per US Gal
  • Surface Maintenance: 800 – 1000 sq. ft. (80 – 100 m2) per 1 liter
  • TEST A SMALL AREA, according to application instructions to determine desired results.

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