Polycure – What is it? Sealer

 Polysiloxane polymer

Aqua Mix product. Creating the difference is to me so important in keeping ahead of the competition!! We are using a term in my market to distinguish us from our competitors – THE AQUA MIX ADVANTAGE – and there is no doubt that Polycure is a major part of our armoury.


Polycure is currently used in our Enrich N Seal. As you already know it has very good performance.  Better than our old Stone Enhancer (water and solvent) and any of our competitors products. Polycure is a name trademarked by Aqua Mix. It is used to distinguish a new breed of polysiloxane polymer. Siloxane polymers are not new. They have been used in the concrete industry for many years due to their good water resistance qualities. Many of our traditional competitors use siloxane technology. However Polycure uses a newly engineered version of a moisture reactive polysiloxane.

The engineering itself concentrates on the molecular weight of the siloxane as it is has been long understood that one of the reasons for the unique characteristics of polymers is their relatively high molecular weights. So it is a moisture reactive polysiloxane. This means that it uses moisture (humidity ever present in the air and in stone and tile) to cross-link. It is unique in being a 100% solid polymer. This means it does not require water or traditional solvents to carry it marking it out as different from traditional siloxanes used by our competitors.

The result of this technology is that it has –

Improved penetration into stone and tile. This is important, as many people believe that only solvents can penetrate dense surfaces such as polished granite.

Improved enhancement of natural grain in stone. Improved Stain and Chemical Resistance. You will know doubt already know that Enrich N Seal offers the best stain resistance in our line – even better than Sealers Choice. In fact I have not tested a better penetrating type sealer for stain resistance. Improved Resistance to antimicrobials. Making it ideal for wet areas/ food prep areas. Safe it is a safe polymer to use being non-toxic and non-flammable. It uses no solvent carrier making it different from other siloxanes used by our competitors

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