CSS Equipment Requirement


Before you begin a project, please check that all your tools are loaded and organized as listed below. A well prepared and organized crew will get the job done effectively on-site.

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Power 1800w
Voltage 220v
Main disc rotation speed 154-175rpm
Base plate diameter 18”
Polishing head rotation speed 1280rpm
Main cable length 12m
Weight 80kg
Additional iron weight 2 x 20kg
No. of polishing heads 3pcs
Accessories Main body, handle, water tank, pad holder, hard brush, soft brush, weighting irons, driving disc, epicyclical discs


Scrubbing and Cleaning Pads:

White pads To be used for application of Crystal Shine System, and should use with an electric dual speed 175rpm swing machine.
Black pads To be used for stripping of existing polymer and for cleaning of heavily soiled or greasy floors, and should use with an electric dual speed 175/300rpm swing machine. Flip the pads over every 45mins to extend the pads’ lifespan and durability. Wash the pad with water and a soft bristle brush after both sides are used. For best results pressure-wash the pads at the end of the day.

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