CSS Restoration

Understanding Individual Surface Needs

Crystal Shine System is flexible in its formulations and is designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of surface.

Failure to follow the correct setup procedure will lead to a less than perfect result. Never skip any step of the setup and application process to cut cost and/or to speed up the application of CSS.

Each and every application is critical for the ionic bonding process.

Below you will find the correct application procedures for each surface.

Granite, Compressed Quartz, Crystal White Stone and Porcelain tiles:

  1. Grind and hone the floor
    • For Damage Surface start with # 50, # 100, # 150, #150, #300, #500, #800, #1500 and #3000
    • For minor Scratches removal, start with # 300, #500, #800, #800, #1500 and #3000
  2. Clean and Neutralize surface with Aqua Mix Concentrated Stone & Tiles Cleaner Mixture 1:128 (water)
  3. Surface must be Dry before application of Crystal Shine System
  4. Application of Crystal Shine System
    • Sprinkle 1 oz. of Crystal Shine Powder (Dia. 12” circle) on the surface 1.5sqm  (Equivalent to 4 pieces of 60sqcm tiles or stone)
    • Squirt CSS Liquid (15 to 30ml) using Spray Bottle onto CSS Powder
    • Lay White pad directly on top of CSS mixture
    • Spread the CSS mixture over a surface area of 1.5sqm evenly by using 3 hp Floor swing machine. Till heat or friction occur.
    • Squirt addition of CSS liquid (5 to 10 ml) to increase the shine, and Repeat the application of CSS liquid till desired result is achieved.

Notes and Remarks:

Surface Preparation

  • For optimum results, prepare the surface accordance with the installation instructions.
  • Do ensure that the surface to be free of defects, surface fragmentation, contaminants, polymers, wax, etc.
  • Any damage or coatings left on the surface will greatly reduce the quality of the finished result.
  • Verify the integrity of the surface and the grout.
  • Prior to applying Crystal Shine System do closely examine the integrity of the surface and grout.
  • Note: Be aware that humidity, chemicals or contaminates would have invaded tiles or stones that are already poorly laid, cracked, or when surface is damaged and grout is present.

Crystal Shine System is not a coating system and does not span cracks, holes, or open joints.

When repairing damaged grout do verify/ensure that the compound has been cured completely before applying the Crystal Shine System.

Remove or strip any (emulsion) wax, polymers, sealers, or high solid polymer products with Aqua Mix Stone Endure Stripper.

Any surface contamination will impede the Crystal Shine System’s effectiveness to bond with the surface of the floor.

Surface Grinding

Although grinding is not required, it is highly recommended. All stone surfaces should be grinded before the initial installation of Crystal Shine System. The purpose of grinding is to remove any remaining contaminates and defects from the surface of the floor.

To achieve the highest gloss possible the floor needs to be flat and even. By removing the top layer (1/32” – 1/16”) of the floor’s surface most stains, scratches, chemical degradation, and discoloration will be eliminated. If the surface is not grinded prior to the application of Crystal Shine System, there is an increased potential for marginal results.

The most important element of the Crystal Shine System process is ensuring the surface is contaminant and defect-free. Failure to properly prepare the surface will lead to system failure.

NOTE: The grinding process should only be completed prior to the application of Crystal Shine System. Grinding should never be required again as long as it is properly maintained.

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